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Visit to the  Areas Affected by Coastal Flooding Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage
The leader said Cuba has the material resources to respond to the urgent needs of the population of Baracoa, where 168 homes and other facilities were affected by giant "swells" caused by a storm located in the Atlantic to the north of Cuba that brought 16-foot waves pounding onto the coastal promenade.

Lage met with the top leaders of the far eastern Cuban province on Monday and called on them to work in an organized and swift manner beginning with recovering what was damaged.

The vice president conveyed a message of encouragement to the population noting that their housing problems would be resolved in the shortest possible time, something he said President Raul Castro had instructed.

Lage called on the local authorities to call in everyone with building skills to help out with the reconstruction.

The vice president said that a second phase must include work to reinforce the Baracoa seawall, located on a low-lying zone of the north coast frequently hit by coastal flooding.


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