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Guatemalan Vice President  praised the work of the Cuban health personnel in this Central American nation.
During a tour around the Guatemalan department of San Marcos this weekend, Espada highlighted the significance of the cooperation of more than 300 Cuban doctors who are working in 17 of Guatemalas 22 departments.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the arrival in Guatemala of the islands doctors after Hurricane Mitch devastated that country in 1998.

During this period, they have treated more than 21 million patients and have saved nearly 250,000 lives.

According to Latin American news Agency, two ophthalmological centers - with Cuban personnel and equipment - are currently giving their services free of charge in the eastern and northern regions of the country.

A third one will soon be inaugurated in San Marcos to treat thousands of indigenous people and other minorities who live in this western department.

The Guatemalan VP was accompanied by Cuban ambassador Omar Morales with whom he visited the new ophthalmological center that will have the capacity to operate upon 80 patients every day.

Morales announced that 30 Cuban specialists, including ophthalmologists, anesthetists and nurses will be working there.

(Cuba News Agency)

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