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Sculptor and Painter Alberto Lescay Modeled Bronze Sculpture of Cuban Heroine Vilma Espín
Lescay is the director of the above mentioned institution that is based in Santiago de Cuba, with workshops located in the town of Dos Caminos in the municipality of San Luis.

Once completed, the sculpture will be placed on the Las Américas Avenue - a popular boulevard where visitors can find art works linked to renowned Cuban and Latin American historical and cultural figures.

Lescay expressed his intention to finish the sculpture this year and place it near the Bosque de los Héroes -a monument dedicated to legendary Commander Ernesto Guevara (Che) and his guerrilla army in Bolivia.

The sculpture of this outstanding revolutionary woman, who fought the Batista dictatorship at the Sierra Maestra Mountains, and as a member of the underground movement, will be nearly one meter high. The artist will make the sculpture look like Vilma --her beauty as well as her greatness.

Lescays works can be seen in 15 countries, among them Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, Martinique and Russia. His latest work abroad was a monument dedicated to Cubas National Hero José Martí, to be placed in Moscow once the current winter season is over.


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