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Joaquin Edgardo Esteban, head of the correspondent's office in Argentina, noted that in recent events related to the delivery of hostages by the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), the world's largest television networks quoted Telesur, due to the exclusiveness of its reports.

Esteban said the channel will continue to broadcast in tune with the transformations taking place on the region's political, social, and economic scene, reported Granma newspaper.

Newscast executive director, Argentinean Paloma Garcia, said journalists and communication professionals from different countries have joined the initiative, and that many of them, including herself, have established their residence in Caracas.

Among the most outstanding recent reports aired by Telesur, she cited the ones revealing Exxon Oil Corporation's past [when it was Standard Oil] related to doing business with the Nazis and more recently the paramilitary groups in nations of the region.

Telesur producer Adriana Orihuela stressed the need to create a Latin American support network, identified with the station's editorial policy, in order to respond to circumstances demanding the presence of production teams in situ in some countries.

Telesur emerged on July 24, 2005, with the participation of Cuba, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Brazil. Subsequently, Bolivia and Nicaragua would join, sealing a pioneering informative alliance.

The station has its headquarters in Caracas and reaches Central and South America, the Caribbean, the United States, North Africa, and Western Europe.


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