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Cuba has Shipped Some 110 tons of the Mineral Zeolite to Brazil
The director of the zeolite extraction plant Sergio Ruiz told ACN that 12,500 tons were extracted in 2007 from the Tasajera-Piojillo deposits in Villa Clara province. However, he said, the total exports of the mineral in 2007 did not surpass the amount sent to Brazil this January alone. "We had a good start to the year," said Ruiz.

Zeolite is used in Cuba as a fertilizer mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium plus other nutrients to be applied in potato fields. And is also used by chicken and egg producers.

Zeolite is also provided to the joint venture processing company Agrisel, where they add nitrogen, phosphate and potassium before shipping the mix to Europe, to be used for plague control in olive, apple, grape and pear crops among other uses.

The Tasajera-piojillo deposits extend 25 kilometers of which less than one kilometer has been studied for exploitation. This guarantees large reserves of the zeolite on the island.


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