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Petrocaribe Summit Opens New Doors for Latin America
The 4th Petrocaribe Summit was a sign of the new times Latin America is facing, said Mexico's Democratic Revolution Party national coordinator referring to the recently concluded meeting in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Camilo Valenzuela, said the meeting showed the open possibilities for the countries of the area brought by the regional oil integration
project, and also by the Bank of the South, Telesur, and the existence of the Southern Common Market.

According to a PL report, Valenzuela said the initiatives bring Latin
American integration forward with specific projects in numerous fields, thus ending submission to transnational companies and policies imposed by the United States on the continent, he emphasized.

The Mexican political activist, who aspires to become the leader of the PRD in the internal elections in March, warned that new US actions should be expected, as it attempts to recover its dominance in the region.

"They will spare no effort to prevent the Latin American and Caribbean nations from joining together," and "as soon as possible we should get rid of transnationals," the coordinator stated.


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