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Cienfuegos: A Major Industrial City on the Caribbean
When a column of smoke mark the startup of the Camilo Cienfuegos oil refinery on Friday, this central-southern Cuban city will become a major industrial city on the Caribbean.
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The inauguration of the oil refinery, modernized by a joint venture made up of the state-owned companies Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) and Cubapetroleo (CUPET), will mark the beginning of a megaproject whose core will be a petrochemical complex.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said so on October 14, 2007, when he visited the refinery, considered the main project within the framework of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

Between the two governments, we have started an integral development plan for this zone, said the Venezuelan president, after commenting on the potential of this provincial capital, 155 miles southeast of Havana, to become a major industrial city in Cuba, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Chavez explained that the plant, modernized by the two countries" oil companies at a cost of 136 million dollars, after being paralyzed for 12 years, is an example of economic complementation between Venezuela and Cuba.

On that occasion, he said that the second stage of the project would consist of a petrochemical complex that will cost 1.3 billion dollars.

The future industrial complex in Cienfuegos, also known as the Pearl of the South, will consist of a plastic industry, a fertilizer factory and a plant to regasify Venezuelan liquefied gas, Chavez pointed out.

He noted that Cuba will be able to meet its demand for fertilizer and at the same time will become a fertilizer exporter to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Chavez"s idea of laying the foundation stone of the petrochemical complex must become a reality this week, during the inauguration of the Camilo Cienfuegos refinery, which will process 65,000 barrels of oil a day.


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