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Homeopathy Against Epidemic Hazard
A homeopathic product to prevent an outbreak of Leptopirosis and Hepatitis Type A, is administered for the first time at large scale in Cuba. The product had been tested on smaller populations with high effectiveness.

The vaccine is being used in Holguin due to the extensive use and production of homeopathic products in the local health care system; and as a preventive measure due to the recent heavy rains that caused massive flooding across that eastern province.

Over a million inhabitants will profit from the two doses of the vaccine, distrubuted by the well knit national Family Doctor's Office System, thoroughly trusted by our people.

The product needs no special cautions, thus the whole population can recieve it, except infants for they are not considered at risk of infection.
The vaccine was produced by the Finlay Laboratories, belonging to the Havana Scientific Center; though it is considered to be a legitimate product from Holguin for it was created upon the four existing strains on the province.


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