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Specialists from Cuba and Viet Nam have reiterated their rejection of the so called "biofuel fever", which they tagged as a crime against humanity.

The statements were made at the closing ceremony of a three-week course given in the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas by experts from the Hanoi's Institute of Energy, who trained 35 Cuban specialists in the building of high-capability biogas plants.

A Vietnamese researcher from that scientific institution, Doan Thi Thanh Hai, noted that the production of ethanol from food to palliate oil shortages will aggravate the situation of hungry people around the world and could unleash an environmental catastrophe.

For his part, an official from the Cuban Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment (CITMA), Elber Torres, thanked the Vietnamese scientists for their cooperation in the field of green energy production.

As part of the course, the Heroic Viet Nam poultry farm in Las Tunas has started to build a biogas plant that will generate enough fuel to cook the workers' food eliminating a source of environmental pollution.


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