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An important exhibition of Cuban art is presented in Colombia

Under the title "De uno y de otro" ("Of one and another") was opened an important exhibition of Cuban plastic art in this capital with the presence of Lina Moreno, the wife of the Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

In statement made to Prensa Latina, the First Lady considered very valuable the presence of the Cuban art in Colombia, to allow a bigger exchange among the two countries and, through culture, help to eliminate the differences of any kind and get both peoples closer.

The exhibition collects about thirty paintings and sculptures of important Cuban creators acclaimed or even born after 1959 and it is part of the activities that were held here for the Day of the Cuban Culture.

The public in the opening could, as well as se the paintings, to talk with the artists Nelson Domínguez, Alicia Leal, Agustín Bejerano (image), Aziyadé Ruiz and José Carlos Rafart, representatives of different generations of creators in the Caribbean island.

The exhibition is of great interest here, where the development of the Cuban plastic of the last years is not very known and the main references are emblematic figures such as Wifredo Lam or René Portocarrero.

Apart form the works of the creators who are present, there are works from Manuel Mendive, Juan Moreira, Zaida del Río, Eduardo Roca (Choco) Arturo Montoto, Alain Pino, Cirenaica Moreira y Roberto Diago, among many others.

For this occasion the painting "Un momento familiar" ("A familiar moment"), by Nelson Domínguez, was donated, to the Fundación para la Investigación y Desarrollo de la Educación Especial (FIDES) (Foundation for the Research and Development of the Special Education) that has made valuable contributions in Colombia to the social integration of people with cognitive limitations. To that end will be the funds from the auction.

Source: Cubarte

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