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 El Nicho, a paradise-like tourist resort

El Nicho is a beautiful tourist place characterized by transparent waterfalls, underwater springs and abundant forest all of them surrounded by the Escambray mountains, 50 km away Cienfuegos port, south Cuba.

Its gorgeous landscape attracts vacationers all year round as much as the people living in Cumanayagua and other neighbour towns.

The biggest waterfall jumping from 15 m high runs along the HaAnabanilla river pools and artificial lake located 300 km from Havana.

Swimming is an inevitable fun after you follow the road to the blue-transparent water beach, great for collecting shells - the beach leads to a river - where local people like fishing and swimming. Also walking up and down some staircase-like ladders, and climbing along rocks and into a rocky cave and the river mouth offer great excitement.

El Nicho's natural resources are many but its flora with 65 thousand plant species and endemic birding are considered the resorts major attractions. In addition, a nesting site for flamingos and other waterfowl compete in beauty with the abundant royal palm tree and leafy algarrobas.

Cubas national flower, la mariposa (butterfly) grows in an ever-green wild environment perfumed by river and mountain tiny flowers.

Source: By Reynaldo Rodriguez, CubaSi

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