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Cuba grads associate in Bolivia
The creation in Bolivia of the Association of Professionals Graduated in Cuba was described by Doctor Alison Gomez Friday as a dream that has been nurtured for many years.

Gomez said the new institution was born on the eve of the activities to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the assault on Moncada Barracks July 26th, 1953 and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.

"We, the current graduates in Cuban teaching institutions and those more than 5,600 young people who study here, feel prepared to give our full backing to the process of change President Evo Morales is encouraging," one of the objectives of the Association, she emphasized.

Gomez, graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine ELAM, specified the formation received in the different careers, allows Bolivian people to creatively carry out their jobs in isolated regions of Andean geography.

"We have been educated in a solidarious, humanist and revolutionary country (Cuba) with values that one takes with oneself forever," she added.

The presentation in Bolivia of the new Association was accompanied by a sculptural exhibition by the famous fine arts artist David Villegas, also graduated from Havana School of Arts.

Source: Prensa Latina

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