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The Charles Chaplin theatre, headquarters of the Cinema Library of Cuba, will host the first Exhibition of the New Uruguayan Cinema from January 22nd to 31st, a chance for the public to tread into the contemporary look of that movie culture.

This program will aslo commemorate the 55th anniversary of the creation of the Cinema Library of Montevideo and nearly a dozen of fiction and documentary films will be presented to Cuban movie lovers, an example of the most recent filmography in that country.

Within South American movie industries, where Argentina plays a leading role, followed by the Chilean in open recovery, the Uruguayan cinema is very young hence having a smaller production although in the last international events, the filmmakers of that sister South American nation have ran off with several awards.

Among the paradigmatic works are found the film Whisky, featured film carried out with little budget and which obtained in Havana the First Coral in the fiction category as well as Critic's Award and the Prize A Certain Regard in Cannes Festival of year 2004. This film will open the exhibition and the days of the Uruguayan cinematography in Cuba.

Integrated by irreverent and talented youngsters, according to Manuel Martínez Carril, director of the Cinema Library of Uruguay who heads that country's delegation, cinema emerged since 1994 with a firm step, although with the lack of financial support. It simply exists to express the spiritual restlessness and the talent of a population of three million inhabitants, apparently insignificant to carry on the national cinema as market, especially amid the disproportionate struggle with the big distributors which control the exhibition.

It is also an artistic project that lives with the passion of its creators, without the necessary support of a cinema law and which in spite of the bulk of difficulties, carries out its productions without the bases of a film industry. But they have proved their worth with the excellence of scripts, the professionalism of their actors, and technicians and the expressive need of some artists who are also inspired by examples as stimulating as that universal Uruguayan who is Mario Benedetti.

With Whisky and the documentary 50 Years and More of Uruguayan Cinema Library will begin the sample which continues with Acratas and Women's Memoirs, within the plurality of genres, styles, and poetic.

Other titles of the new cinema from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, in Havana, are Por esos ojos (For Those Eyes), Donde había la pureza implacable del olvido (Where there was the Implacable Purity of Oblivion), Una forma de bailar (A Way of Dancing), Fábrica de enanos (Dwarf Factory), El cojonudo (The Brave), Palabras Verdaderas (True Words ), and Candombe, as well as En la puta vida (In the Lousy Life), Nico & Parker, Vientos de octubre (October's Winds), Llamada para un cartero (Calls for a Postman) and La comparsita (The Little Group). The program also includes Estrella del sur (South Star), ¿Puedo llamarte Carlitos? (Can I call you Carlitos?), Mala racha (Slump), La perrera (The Kennel) and El jefe y el carpintero (The Boss and the Carpenter), among others.

Source: Cubarte

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