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Ukranian kids
A new group of 48 Ukrainian children, victims of the continued aftereffects of the Chernobyl accident, arrived to Cuba for medical treatment as part of a program soon to reach its 17th anniversary.

This is the second group that traveled from Kiev to Havana this year, as part of the more than 23,000 children affected by the Chernobyl accident that have received free medical care in Cuba since 1990.

Cuban Public Health Ministry officials told Prensa Latina news agency that in recent years an average of between 700 and 800 children travel to the Caribbean island from Ukraine.

The program developed by Cuba to treat children from the Ukraine and Belarus, affected by the nuclear accident that took place in April 1986, has been nominated for the Prince of Asturias Award.

This project has operated non-stop since March of 1990, when President Fidel Castro, received, one by one the first hundred children upon their arrival to Cuba. The leader of the Revolution then said that the program would continue as long as necessary.

The Ukrainian children brought with them drawings, compositions, letters and poems to participate in the international childrens contest titled "Defending Peace", which they have dedicated to the Cuban Five anti-terrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the United States.
Source: Periodico26

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