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A new teaching multimedia on cancer has been worked out by a team of professionals from different fields in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus, with plenty of information on the disease.

The application, which was also intended for preventive work, is widely applied in the Faustino Perez Hernandez medical faculty in this territory. Nevertheless it also offers interesting and useful information for the average people.

For example, it explains that inheritance, environmental conditions and life styles are related with the formation of tumors while the cigarette smoke is responsible for the 30% of cancer deaths.

Obesity is another risk factor for the disease and it has been demonstrated that alcohol consumption increases the possibility for oropharynx, larynx, esophagus and liver carcinomas.

Cancer is already considered a pandemic disease worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that within a twenty year period of time, there might be 20 million cases a year, that is why specialists care so much about advices on diets, physical exercise, obesity and smoking habits.

Source: Escambray

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