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Virtual reality, robotics, and operations via natural orifices are some of the concepts promoted by the new surgery revolution, said French doctor Jacques Marescaux during a conference in Havana this Thursday.

"This is not science-fiction" said the expert while giving a lecture on 21st century surgery at the main offices of the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

In April, 2007, he recalled, a team of the University of Strasburg in France, removed the gallbladder of a 30 year old woman via vagina leaving no scars - the first surgery with no skin incision on human beings, also known as "operation without scar."

Marescaux commented on the role of virtual reality to plan and simulate surgeries, and to study illnesses. Essential too is robotics, he said, since it allows automatic suture and also allows doctors to perform surgeries off site.

The visitor, who has been granted four Doctor Honoris Causa degrees so far, was acknowledged by the president of Cuba's Surgery Society Jose Goderich, who accredited him with the title of Member of this Cuban institution.

Fuente: Adelante

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