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Spanish expert lauds Cuban Health Care
The humanistic and scientific nature of Cuban traditional and preventive medicine were extolled by Carlos Bermejo, Doctor in Sanitary Pastoral Theology.

The also director of the Centro de Humanizacion de la Salud, in Tres Cantos, Madrid, and author of more than 30 books also lauded the professionalism of Cuban doctors, nurses and parameds.

They give their patients love and care in every health center, hospitals, policlinics and family doctors' offices.

The also M.D. in Bioethics lauded the 12th National Congress of Nursing 2007, a four-day contact among specialists from near 24 countries.

Bermejo gave the opening conference Humanization of Health Care and led the First Cuban Symposium Cecily Saunders on Palliative Care and shared experience on caring for patients with terminal illnesses.

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