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Silvio Rodriguez
Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez cancelled his concert scheduled for Friday in the town of Talca, 255 kilometers South of Santiago de Chile, in protest of the high prices of the tickets that ranged from $80 to $110 US.

The artist announced his decision a few hours before the concert, after hearing complaints voiced by his followers over the high price of tickets.

According to an official press release, carried by DPA news agency, the author of Unicornio, apologized to those people who had purchased the 1,030 tickets available, and he assured that he had ordered Multimusica production, in charge of the sales, to return the money.

Silvio also spoke about "the need of creating a state mechanism so that artists who come to Chile can stage at least one free concert," something that he personally asked President Michelle Bachelet.

The anger provoked by the costs of the tickets, led Silvio followers to send a letter of protest to the Talca Town Hall, stating that the prices "were a shame and a mockery" of the people.

Source: Granma

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