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Barrio Adentro
The Pan American Health Organization recognized Thursday the Barrio Adentro Mission, a product of Cuban-Venezuelan joint agreement, is a world paradigm that has stimulated massive medical attention with quality and efficiency.

PAHO representative in Venezuela Renato Gusmao said such an evaluation is the result of an exhaustive methodological study with the participation of national Venezuelan and Cuban universities and international institutions.

Gusmao said that investigation "Barrio Adentro, a Right to Public Health and Inclusion in Venezuela showed that this program contradicts the theory of international entities that it was impossible to carry out a quality public health plan for all sectors of the population.

He pointed out the initiative is an example for other nations, so it will be translated to Chinese, Arabian, French, and English for other countries to use.

He mentioned that the number of doctors was increased from 50 to 12,000 specialists at the national level.

Barrio Adentro has taken care of 211 million cases from April 2003 to now and the total investment is over 210 billion Venezuelan bolivares (100 million dollars) destined to construction and equipment for 2,113 medical offices.

Barrio Adentro shows its social importance with 36,916 saved lives, 130.89 million educational activities, more than 5.86 million optical cases and 20.66 dental visits.

Source: Prensa Latina

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