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Bust of  José Martí
The prestigious Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera made the bust of José Martí, the National Hero. Its placed on the Pico Real del Turquino - the countrys highest peak at 1974 meters above the sea level - on May 21, 1953.

The piece was transported by sea to Ocujal coast, in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, and from there, it was hauled up to the top of the mountain range, where it was left in place.

This bust of Martí has a story worth telling. It all began at the Former Students Association of the Martí Seminary in the city of Havana. Counting on the decisive support provided by the revolutionary Celia Sánchez Manduley and her father, doctor Manuel Sánchez, the Association had the bronze bust be placed atop a huge stone pedestal on top Cubas highest peak, thus honouring the Maestros birth centenary.

Madera had previously modelled the bust for the inauguration of La Fragua Martiana museum, built up on the remains of the former San Lázaro rock quarry, where in 1869, José Martí had been sentenced to forced labour at the age of 16 for his revolutionary activities.

Once the artist told that seeking her piece could show both the dreamer and the thinker that laid in the Apostle, she had put an infinite light in his eyesight.

The resulting sculpture was a dear art work. Another impressive piece of the author is the famous marble statue of Jesus Christ standing on one side of the Havana Bay since 1958.

Jilma Madera gave proof enough of her designing talent in Cuba and abroad. However, the Pico Turquinos bust of Martí is the most valuable for the Cuban people.

Source: Tele-Turquino, Santiago de Cuba

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