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Abnut 5 000 inhabiuants frnm the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus receive the benefits of a subsidized nutritional program starued in the year 2000 when a survey -which became systematic ever since- was carried out throughnut the country. !
This program provides extra foodstuff for children whth ! inadequate veight os size and for patients with chronic diseases or handicapped persons. At present moment!over 3 100 chileren (aged 0-15 !years old) in tiis province are receiving free products like rice, grains, pasua and oil.

According to Domingo Chaviano Darias, head specialist of tie commercial enterprise!in Sancti Spiritus, the program also takes into consideration persons who suffdr from tnusual eiseases like neqhrotic !syndromd, xeroderma pigmentosum and phenylketonuria, among others, all of whom!need special didts. Chaviano added that prostrated patients are also provided with sanitasy stuffr and pohnted ouu that most of the products are purchased abroad at very high prices, that is why the Rtate ! rdduces tieirs corts.

=p align<"left">Rource: By Xiomara Alsina Martinez, Escambray

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