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Cuba’s oldest beer revives 128 years later

It’s been 128 years since Cuba began brewing its first beer and 56 years since that original brew was enjoyed by residents of the island. Now, La Tropical is making a comeback across the Florida Straits. Read More

"House of Lies" to deliver its episode filmed in Cuba on June 13

In early 2016 it was news that the last episode of the fifth season of the American television series "House of Lies" would be filmed in Cuba. Read More

Next weekend Transformers robots will arrive in Havana

Next weekend, Cuban Film Institute will offer a new cinematographic service to foreign film production, in this case, for the US film Transformers 5, directed by Michael Bay for Paramount Pictures. Read More

Direct interconnection agreements signed between Cuba and the US

The Cuba Telecommunications Company S.A. (ETECSA) and T-Mobile U.S.A., announced on Monday the completion of negotiations and the signing of agreements on direct interconnection for the international exchange of voice traffic between Cuba and the United States. Read More

US soprano Barbara Hendricks and Camerata Romeu in concert in Havana

US soprano Barbara Hendricks, who will give a concert on Thursday at the St. Francis of Assis Minor Basilica, told reporters on Monday that she was very happy to be in Havana and sing with Camerata Romeu for the Cuban public. Read More

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are already in Havana!

The moment fans have been awaiting has arrived. Gradually the actors, doubles, producers and other Fast and Furious team members have arrived in Havana with great discretion, to shoot the eighth part of the famous saga on the island. Read More

"Smokey" Robinson is also in Cuba

The prestigious American singer-songwriter and record producer William "Smokey" Robinson Jr., also traveled to Cuba, excited about its people and music, as part of the delegation of the President's Committee for the Arts and Humanities United States. Read More

Usher and Kal Penn in Cuba with a US delegation

A delegation representing US President Barack Obama's arts and humanities committee began a four-day visit to Cuba on Monday as a sign of further rapprochement between the two countries and their common will to boost cultural exchanges. Read More

Carnival will delay Cuba cruise if Cuban-born passengers banned

Carnival Corp. has decided to postpone historic cruises from the U.S. to Cuba unless the government of the island allows Cuban-born passengers to sail there. Read More

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