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From Mexico to all of Europe, Cuban music sounds with Bamboleo

Lazarito Valdés and his band Bamboleo, in the middle of the success of the CD Knoct out, performed recently in Mexico and returned to Cuba to share with the Cuban public the festivities for the new coming of the year 2007. In February they will be having a big tour around Europe. Read More

Aceituna Sin Hueso Hit Cuba

Combining Caribbean rhythms with Andalusian folkloric music, they become the new sensation in Cuba. The Cuban group Aceituna sin hueso is led by the vocalist, composer and director Mariela Moreno, and has achieved a musical combination of Caribbean rhythms and Andalusian folkloric music that has put them at the fore of the so-called "new era fusion" of Cuban music. Read More

US peace activists visit Cuba

Washington's hegemonic pretensions and warmongering are part of an institutional policy that involves both republicans and democrats, US pacifists visiting Cuba have denounced.he humanitarian activists lashed at US power sectors that are making a large fortune from wars. Read More

Cuba Preserves Works of Ernest Hemingway.

Cuba has invested over 200,000 dollars to restore Ernest Hemingway's house in Havana while the US government impedes the financing of the restoration works. According to the President of Cuba's National Council for Cultural Patrimony (CNPC), Manuel Palacios, the island has also devoted a budget of more than one million Cuban pesos to the renovation of the farm where the writer of "The old man and the sea" lived. Read More

Praga: Mozart to the beat of salsa

The German trio Klazz Brothers and Cuban duo Percussion will join in Praga to play Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the beat of Caribbean rhythms. Read More

Cuban "Operation Miracle" programs restores sight to 10,000 ecuadorians

More than 10,000 eye surgery operations have been carried out in Ecuador under the Operation Miracle program that Cuba is carrying out in several Latin American countries, according to information provided today by government sources. Read More

Haitian author honored in Cuba

Haitian author Laennec Hurbon was given a special award by Cubas Fernando Ortiz Foundation for his research into Haitian ethnography, functions of the Haitian state and his countrys policies. Read More

Cuba travelers back in Louisville

The Henry Wallace Brigade is back in Kentucky. Twenty-three Louisvillians who traveled to Cuba as part of the brigade returned home Wednesday and Thursday. Read More

US activists plan Guantanamo jail protest

A group of US and other peace activists including Cindy Sheehan plan to march to the gates of the US Navy base in Guantanamo, Cuba on January 11 to protest against abuses at the prison camp for terrorism suspects, organisers said today. Read More

Hilton slammed in Oslo for Cuba embargo

An Oslo hotel owned by the U.S.-based Hilton Hotel Corp. faced protests, a boycott and a police complaint this week after refusing to book rooms for a Cuban delegation because of the United States' trade embargo against Cuba. Read More

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