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The names of the Cuban's rums

In all human works, there are one or more names and the Cuban rum is not an exception to this respect. Two men and a trademark are very well known. The first one was José Arechavala y Aldama. He was a Biscayan who founded the Biscaya industry in Cardenas that later was known as Arechavala. This industry became into one of the greatest distillery of the country. The product manufactured was of high quality under the trademark Havana Club. Other products were later added to the production like the Varadero rum. Read More

Tacon Street: the only remaining street in Old Havana with wood bricks

Tacon Street was numbered as a continuation of Oficios Street and it was named that way in memory of Don Miguel Tacon y Rosique, a Spanish military and politician who was General Captain of the island from 1834 to 1838. His government of absolute and hostility faculties towards the Creole people kept a contradictory balance between repression and public works actions in San Cristobal town. Read More

The façade of the Havana Cathedral: one of the universal pictures of Cuba

Despite the strong opposition of the Havana city attorney to construct in the old Plaza de la Cienaga, the interest of the prelate Don Diego Avelino de Compostela was even stronger when building there a school and mission for the Jesuit priests. In 1700, the religious order built a humble chapel. This is the oldest background information of what it is today the Havana Cathedral. Read More

Obispo Street : the most populous street in Old Havana

Obispo is considered one of the most populous streets in Havana city. It takes part of the historical center and its main characteristic is the great number of stores located along the whole street from Bernaza street to Plaza de Armas. Read More

The San Francisco de Paula church

One of the greatest architectonical jewels of Havana, raised as it were an island of art and spirituality, located in the middle of Avenida del Puerto on the Oficios and San Ignacio streets. The San Francisco de Paula church keeps a three- centurys history. Read More

The history of medicine in Cuba

The history of medicine in Cuba does not begin as many people could believe with the arrival of Spaniards to the island. We can say, based on chroniclers of the Indies readings and works of some medical historians, that among the natives of this land there was a certain medical practice typical of their culture. Read More

Esteban Salas: father of the sacred music in Cuba

Esteban Salas is considered the starting point for the practice of the sacred music in Cuba. The Cuban religious music before him was only reduced to literal reproductions of the canticles of books from other regions. The work of Salas originated a discipline unknown in Cuba those days. Read More

The millionaire heritage of the Cuban philately

Cuban philately has a millionaire heritage in collection pieces, some of them of universal relevance due to its cultural and historical significance. Read More

Josephine Baker: a great a friend of Cuba

With her spectacular dance of the bananas, she became the Queen of Paris nightlife. In 1950, when Josephine Baker, the celebrated African-American artist, first visited Cuba, she was denied lodging at the National Hotel because of the color of her skin. Read More

Camaguey is one of the Cuban colonial cities that best preserves its historical center

Camaguey is one of the Cuban colonial cities that best preserves its historical center. It is distinguished by the large earthenware jars and the irregular routes of its first streets. Read More

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