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More than 150 buildings—33 of high heritage value—will be restored or remodeled here, as a prelude to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of this city, which will be marked the 5th of November next year.

Construction activities for the half millennium of the city include work, for more than 18 months, on the parks and monuments and cemeteries in Bayamo, which hold the remains of veterans of the wars of independence and internationalist soldiers.

These announcements were made public by Arturo Perez, president of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power at the presentation of the identity campaign for five centuries of the town (the second founded in Cuba).

The leader stressed that the festivities for the celebration will be modest, in keeping with the current economic situation, but will include the beautification of homes and public spaces, popular work days and a constant review of the history of the city, a National Monument.

At the gathering the winning proposal for the promotional identity campaign for the 500 years of Bayamo, by Kenia Caridad Guerra, Arts Council Specialist in Granma, was announced.

Her project shows, among other things, the image of the dome of the famous cathedral of San Salvador, the slogan "Bayamo, more than 500 years of history," and a snippet of the song Así es Bayamo, interpreted by Barbarito Diez.

In 2013, besides its five centuries, the Torch City will celebrate other momentous anniversaries such as the 145 years since the taking of the town by the Liberation Army and the 145 of the first revolutionary government and the first public interpretation of the words that later became the National Anthem.

Source: Cubarte

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