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The baptism of Havana streets

According to History, after the constitution of the Havana Town Council in 1603, alderman Juan Recio expressed his concern due to the disorder in which the city was being built and the need to name the streets as a guide for the location of the future buildings. Read More

A mythological being, the first Cuban woman with driving license

By the name of Maria Calvo Nodarse was issued the first driving license issued to a woman in Havana at the beginning of the last century. Read More

The Habana's Fountains

The oldest fountain is Fuente de los Leones located next to San Francisco de Asis Convent, in the square of the same name, between the Oficios and Avenida del Puerto streets. It was brought from Italy in 1836 sculptured by artist Giuseppe Gaggini. It is made of white marble. It is a striated column with four lions supported by pedestals. It offers a beautiful view of the water falling from the mouth of the lions, surrounded by hundreds of pigeons, carriages and people walking. Read More

The Chinese Presence in Cuba

After the discovery of Cuba by the Spanish, many peoples felt attracted to the idea of trying their luck in the New World. Even from the distant China, a great migration took place, which strongly influenced our culture. Read More

A real and unique French Pharmacy in a Cuban city

Although it can seem to be incredible, so far from the Eiffel Tower or the Museum of Louvre, in a Cuban city, every morning a real French pharmacy opens its doors, it is unique of its kind in the world. Its opening dates from January 1st, 1882 in Matanzas city by Ernesto Triolet and his son- in-law Juan Fermín de Figueroa. Read More

A fascinating love and indifference story of in a Havana stately home

Behind one of the most dazzling residences of Havana city of 1926 (Paseo Avenue, corner 17) hides a fascinating love and indifference story. The main character was one of the most beautiful girls of Cuba at that time, who won several prestigious beauty contests. Catalina Lasa was one of the most flattered ladies of the Havanas high society. Read More

The Cuban aboriginal population

According to historical calculations, the population of the island was about of 300 thousand Indians when Spaniards arrived to Cuba. The aboriginal population was divided into three ethnic groups: Guanahatabeyes, Siboneyes and Taínos. The latest were the ceramists. Read More

Bohío and Batey

Bohío is the name of the Cuban typical house heritage of the most developed culture among the aboriginal groups in the country. Batey is the term that denominated the settlement where the bohios were built. Both are still part of the rural life in the country. Read More

The City of Moron

The city of Moron located at the north coast of the central province of Ciego de Avila is represented by the sculpture of a big rooster. Many other values keep this place of Cuba. The architecture is a mixture of the past and present times, the elegance of its carriages, its natural jewels and of course, its history and its people. Read More

The Cuban Rum: An authentically Caribbean product

The rum is an authentically Caribbean product, obtained from the sugar cane. Cuba owns ideal geographical conditions for growing this gramineae. According to historical documents, the term Rum emerged with the syncretism of cultures that took place in this part of the world. It is believed that this name dates from 1688 as the result of a symbiosis between "rheu" (stems in Sevillian patois) and the word "bouillon" (that means clear soup in French). Then, the term created in Caribbean patois was "rumbillion" that later was only used rum. Read More

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