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Guije, a different Cuban figure

<span>One of the most famous legend characters in Cuba is the Guije.<span> </span>People use to talk about his existence mainly at the northern part of the island.<span> </span>Telling the true, for many inhabitants of the region, he has gone beyond the bounds of the immaterial world to become a nightmare.</span> Read More

Fossil, unique of its kind in the world survives in Cuba

<span>The <em>"<span>microcycas calocoma" </span></em><span>its scientific name, survives in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio where we can find thousand specimens.<span> </span>Specialists consider it as a living fossil taking into account that its origins comes from the Jurassic period.<span> </span></span></span><p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp; Read More

Television brought a commercial dispute to Cuba

Mestre was building a luxurious building for years on the corner of 23 and M streets in Vedado neighborhood, planned to be complex of radio, cinema, television and shops to be called Radio Centro inspired by the Radio City in New York. On the other hand, Pumarejo improvised television studios in her own house located on the corner of Mazon and San Miguel streets. Read More

Cuban Radio among the first ones in the world

Cuba was one of the first countries in the world having its own radio transmissions. Although signals from USA were received at that time, and there was some attempts without results, on August 22, 1922 the first Cuban signal was transmitted. The first radio station had the abbreviation 2LC property of the musician Luis Casas Romero, considered father of the Cuban radio and his son of the same name. Read More

The first commemorative stone in Cuba dates from 1557

<span>In 1557, just in the place where the Palace of the General Captains that was built in the 18<sup>th</sup> Century was located the first church built in San Cristobal.<span> </span>It has two naves, a sacristy and a cemetery.<span> </span>The walls of the church were made of earth and the arches and columns, stone.<span> </span>It was a place to worship San Cristobal, patron saint of the city.<span> </span>The church was called Parroquial Mayor.</span> Read More

The history of tobacco

<span>The first encounter, known so far, between the Old World and tobacco was on the year 1942 in a friendly gift ceremony offered to Christopher Columbus by Guanahaní Indians from one of the islands of the Bahamas archipelago.</span> Read More

Automobile from Paris to Havana

ose Muñoz drove the first automobile that came and traveled all over the streets of Cuba in December, 1898 he spent in Paris the years of the Hispanic-Cuban war. There he had witnessed the growth of this new means of transport and thought to make a good business with their sale in the island. Read More

The first womens fire department in Cuba

<p class="MsoNormal"><span>The first fire department in Cuba was created on November 13, 1696 in Placetas, Villa Clara province.<span> </span>Later, they were extended gradually to the rest of the country.<span> </span>There are no many data about the first accident smothered by a group of organized men; however, there is news about a women group for the same activity in the Havana town of San Nicolas de Bari.<span> </span></span> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span> Read More

History of the Cuban aviation

At the beginning, there were some first failed attempts. However, on January 2, 1912 this country would have its first aviator Agustín Parlá Orduña who after some months later could be called pilot when he was graduated in the Curtis School in Miami, Florida. Then, the following pilot was Domingo Rosillo del Toro, who was graduated in Paris, in October of that same year. Read More

The Chinese doctor did really existed

He lived at the end of the 19th Century in Cuba. He was one of the many fearless people from the Oriental land that immigrated to this island in pursuit of fortune. His name was Cham Bom Biam. He began his medicine studies in his native country until he decided to venture in a contract to make agricultural work in Coliseo at Matanzas province. Read More

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