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El alquiler de casas particulares en Cuba, más que una alternativa para el turismo

En Agosto de 1997 la Oficina Nacional de Administración Tributaria (ONAT) junto al Ministerio de la Vivienda y el del Interior, hicieron pública la oficialización y por tanto legalización del alquiler de habitaciones para turistas extranjeros en casas particulares en Cuba. Read More

Anacaona, a victim of colonization in Cuba

It is said that she was very clever and kind.<span> </span>One of her most outstanding virtues was that of being a poet.<span> </span>She composed the <em>areitos </em>to sing in the community celebrations.<span> </span>Her wisdom, gifts, her movements and her affection for everybody among other qualities did her honor. Read More

History of Baseball in Cuba

<span>In Matanzas as well as in Havana the game started to spread and in October 1st of the year 1868 Francisco de Lersundi, General Captain of the island, passed a law banning the baseball practice throughout the national territory because he considered it <em>"an anti-Spanish game with insurrection tendencies, opposed to the language and<span> </span>favored the lack of affection to Spain...".</em></span> Read More

El Cemí de la Gran Tierra o Idolo del tabaco Cubano

Conocido como Idolo del Tabaco por su semejenza con la figura de un habano, el Cemí de Gran Tierra es considerada la principal pieza de la arqueología aborigen cubana. Read More

Areito, the Cuban music of the aboriginal people

The Cuban musical tradition has its origins in the most authentic elements of the culture and history of the island. Even the Cuban aboriginal population had certain musical tradition known as Areito. Read More

Danzon one of the most authentic Cubans rhytms

Danzon is considered the Cuban national dance although other such authentic rhythms can challenge the supremacy. It was created in the Liceo de Matanzas in the year 1879. "La Alturas de Simpson" by Miguel Failde, honoring the place it came from, was its first piece. Read More

Mambo, an authentic Cuban rhythm

<span>Despite other names preceded the process of creation of this genre, pianist Damaso Perez Prado (1916-1989) from Matanzas is the singer and composer that really structured Mambo. <br /></span> Read More

The Cuban coffee

Cuban people would stop being in the way they are if they were not inspired by such a prized thing for them. Therefore, coffee is motif for many artistic productions. Undoubtedly, the most famous musical composition is that immortalized by the famous Havana artist Bola de Nieve whose refrain says...... "Ay mamá Inés, ay mamá Inés, todos los negros tomamos café". Read More

What is the currency in Cuba?

Two currencies circulate in the Island: the Cuban peso (national currency) and the convertible peso (CUC). The latter is the only monetary standard accepted by establishments and services operating in convertible currency in the country, as is the case of hotels. Read More

The story of one of the most famous pictures in the world

<span>Korda explained that he was working as reporter in the funeral procession when he made a show off with his old camera Leica with a lens of 90 millimeters, from left to right, to the platform where the rostrum was, eight to ten meters from the camera.<span> </span>Che was situated in the background and he got closer to <br /></span> Read More

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