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Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, the comfort of living history

<span>One of the transcendental facilities of the tourist industry in Havana is the central Hotel Inglaterra that was inaugurated on December 23, 1875.<span> </span>It honored with its name the main world powerful country at that time, England, and it is considered one of the best world facilities after a rebuilding in 1886.</span> Read More

History of some famous Havana hotels

continues being the main tourist destination of Cuba. Its history, its charms and its Malecon attract thousands of tourists every year who decide to go all over the city at least just for some hours to continue later their trips to other important tourist sites of the island. Read More

Tattoos winning followers in Cuba

The tattoo fashion is growing in modern societies. Many Cuban youths view these with prejudice or stereotypes, while others who have chosen to have one created on their body do so with concern Read More

The Cuban cuisine a unique mixture of the spanish, aboriginal, african and caribbean cuisines

The Cuban cuisine is the result of the mixing of Spanish, aboriginal, African and Caribbean cuisines. There are remains of the aboriginal cuisine today. The most remarked characteristic of Cuban gastronomy is this mixture where the tomato sauce with few sautéed spices or Cuban sauce stands over the rest of the ingredients. Read More

Varadero: the most significant tourist destination in the island.

<span>Varadero is one of the most famous resorts in the world and the most important one in Cuba due to not only its natural attractions but also its history as summer resort that dates from the first decades of the last century.</span> Read More

Attractions of Paradisus Princesa del Mar highlighted

The Paradisus Princesa del Mar Hotel, in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, has become one of the most demanded offers by the Spanish group Sol Meliá in the Caribbean Island. According to experts, the hotel offers 434 Junior Suites and Suites, in addition to the Royal Service on the upper floors. Read More

Trinidad: "The Museum City of Cuba"

It is known as "The Museum City of Cuba", the Santisima Trinidad city, one of the first seven towns founded by the Spanish conquerors (1514) that today still preserves its construction as if time did not pass by. For that reason, it was declared together with Valle de los Ingenios, World Heritage of Humankind in 1988.<br /> Read More

Viñales: One of the most worldwide-recognized views of Cuba.

One of the most worldwide-recognized views of Cuba is that of the mountains of Viñales valley. Nature has endowed exceptionally this site located 27 kilometers from the city of Pinar del Rio. Visiting this place is like getting inside Mother Nature. This most notable carsic valley of the country covers a surface of 132 kilometers and it holds the title of National Heritage and UNESCO declared it to be part of the Cultural Landscape of Mankind. Read More

Jardines del Rey: Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo one of the best turist destination of Cuba.

Jardines del Rey, named like that by the conqueror Diego in the 16th century in honor of the King of Spain, is an archipelago located in the North between the island of Cuba and the Old Channel of Bahamas. Read More

The rent of private houses in Cuba, more than a choice for tourism

On August 1997, the National Office for Tax Administration (ONAT) together with the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Interior announced officially the legal rent of rooms for tourist people in private houses in Cuba. Read More

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