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Ocular surgery
By: Jorge García Orce

Sight restoring eye surgeries have begun in Santiago de Cuba at the new ophthalmology service of the Juan Bruno Zayas General Hospital. The facilitys state-of-the-art equipment is at the service of the population free of charge, as are all other types of care.

The most common operations are for cataracts, pterygium, glaucoma and oculoplastic surgery. In the future, retinitis pigmentosa surgery will be performed as well as retina surgery and corneal transplants, which were performed in previous years in this southeastern province of Cuba.

The three operating rooms will be equipped with ceiling microscopes that will be used for the first time in Santiago de Cuba, freeing up space in the rooms.

Dr. Jorge Luis Gordin Porro, head of the ophthalmology service at the Juan Bruno Zayas Hospital, told Sierra Maestra that in this first stage up to 25 patients are operated on daily from Monday to Friday. He said most are referred from their community health clinics.

The new service has high tech equipment to study the inside of the eyeball, to assess the visual field, and to perform vitreous surgery and automatic refractive measurements, among other procedures. Outpatient service will begin to function in the coming weeks.

The staff that will operate the equipment is still being trained, noted Dr. Gordin.

Other equipment such as the Visula 532, a laser device for the surgical treatment of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and opacities, are at the patients disposal.

The installation of a still-packed Excimer Laser in a room designed according to the providers requirements is greatly awaited. The staff is prepared to receive the necessary training.

The new Santiago ophthalmology service, now in its first stage, is intended to "solve the major eye disorders" of the population, said Dr. Gordin Porro.

Source: Sierra Maestra

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