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One year after the inauguration of the Miracle Operation in Camagüey, it has already cast rays of light upon 13 860 patients who have undergone eye surgery in this eastern province, thanks to the integrating actions implemented by the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), which strengthens the ties among the peoples of this continent.

Political, governmental and health officials from Camaguey paid their respect to all those people and institutions that ensure the success of this humane labor, started with Venezuelan and Cuban patients and afterward extended to other Caribbean and Latin American nations through an air bridge that have reported 58 flights so far.

First of all, the operations included cataract, pterygium and glaucoma, and today the Cuban doctors in this territory also treat other pathologies such as ptosis palpebral, stravism, diabetic retinopathy and pigmentary retinitis, assured doctor Misleidis Frías Horta, provincial coordinator of the Miracle Operation.

Surgeries take place in the Provincial Hospital Manuel Ascunce Doménech and the patients and their companions find accommodation in the hotels Camagüey and Isla de Cuba.

In the resorts they are also attended by medical professional personnel, social workers and an efficient hotel staff.

Camagueys political leader, Julio César García, member of the Central Committee of Communist Party (PCC) stated that the world acknowledges that Cuba brings life and light to the people in need, and added that out of 33 eye specialists, 17 have fulfilled internationalist missions.

He also explained that 2 180 employees of the public health sector here work in 43 countries abroad and said that province keeps an infant mortality rate of 4,7 death per 1000 live births, an index that is at the level of the most developed countries in the world.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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