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The most important exhibition of Brazilian photography in the Island in the last decade will be presented from March 15th to April 2nd in the Photographic Library of Cuba.

Look at Me - A Window to Brazilian Photography, comprises nearly 62 works of 13 outstanding contemporary artists whose aesthetic shift between the documentary and the conceptual actions and covers the diversity of the photographic production in that country.

Cubans will have the opportunity of observing images of Antônio Gaudério, Beto Figuerôa, Daniel Ducci, Daniel Kfouri, Daniel Malva, Evelyn Ruman, Hirosuke Kitamura, Leonardo Wen, Lívia Aquino, Marlene Bergamo, Claudia Andujar, Cris Bierrenbach, and Christian Mascaro.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Institute of Media and Arts (IMEA for its acronym in Spanish), founded to contribute to the training of an advance culture in Brazil and the Senac São Paulo, center dedicated to the teaching of photography.

"Look at Me opens a window to Brazil, to the freshness and negligence of its Latin features", explained Fernanda Cerávolo, director of IMEA, in the presentation note of the exhibition.

According to Cerávolo, in the exhibition is evidenced the concern of artists for social causes, the need of the denunciation, for the degraded aesthetics of urban centers and its also noticed, the new means of production of the image.

Look at Me is also, a continuation of the exhibition The Cuban Revolutionary Epic, carried out in Brazil in June 2006 and which presented to the most excellent photographic artists in the Island: Alberto Díaz-Korda, Raúl Corrales, Liborio Noval, Perfecto Romero, Osvaldo, and Roberto Salas.

"Now, we want to show Cubans the Brazilian contemporary reality through our most talented professionals. Its a cultural and artistic exchange between two nations of paramount relevance in the historical background of Latin America", asserted Joao Kulcsár, curator of the exhibition and SENAC professor.

The Brazilian nation and its rich culture invites us to look at it through the lens and sensibility of its artists, in the most important collection in images of that country ever exhibited in ten years in Cuba.

Source: By Daynet Rodríguez Sotomayor, CubaSi

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