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AIDS virus

Cuba reiterated its commitment to confront HIV AIDS and affirmed that, after 20 years, prevalence in the 15 to 49-year-old bracket fell to 0.1 percent, which is the lowest in the Americas.

Speaking at the General Assembly, Ambassador Ileana Nunez informed that Cuba has demonstrated its political commitment to confront HIV AIDS and is an example of what a country can do with its own resources.

The diplomat spoke before the follow-up session after the 26th extraordinary session on a declaration to fight HIV AIDS.

"HIV AIDS incidence in Cuba is the lowest in the Americas and one of the lowest in the world," Nunez explained, recalling that since 2001 antiretroviral treatment has been available to all at no cost.

Since then, she went on to add, death by AIDS gradually reduced in Cuba and by 2003 there was a decrease of the number of patients.

She explained that her country develops a National Program of Prevention that has four parts: surveillance, epidemiology, education and investigations, and care.

She pointed to the control of the pandemic despite the "strong economic, trade and financial blockade imposed by the United States government, which tries to block access to about 50 percent of new drugs produced in the world."

The official noted the internationalist concept of the Cuban people by sharing what it has without asking anything in return.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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