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Young Honduran doctors who graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) again marched through downtown Tegucigalpa, demanding the validation of their titles and the right to work.

Demonstrators, including representatives from Honduran trade unions, began their march from Plaza Cuba, stopping in front of the Honduran School of Medicine, the institution that refuses to validate their titles.

The nearly 300 doctors ended their march at the Supreme Court of Justice, along with members of the Popular Resistance Bloc, the Fraternal Black Honduran Organization, the Connection of Black Women of Honduras and farmers from the Valle del Aguan.

The protestors demanded a document that overturns the appeal lodged against the ELAM graduates that prohibits them from practicing their profession despite the significant lack of doctors in the Honduran healthcare system.

Judges from the Supreme Court heard a statement from leaders of the group of doctors who were trained in Cuba.

Dr. Luther Castillo, one of the groups leaders, spoke to JR pointing out the necessity for the Supreme Court to review the ruling made by the board of the Honduran School of Medicine and to acknowledge the agreement passed and the final report produced by the Council of Higher Education. This council, made up of presidents and principals from all of the countrys schools of medicine, have approved on three occasions the revalidation of the graduates titles.

«We will not stop until they acknowledge and legally authorize our rights,» said Dr. Castillo.

Source: By Ramón Barreras Ferrán, Juventud Rebelde

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