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Daniel Ortega
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega publicly thanked Cuba for medical assistance being supplied by the island through medical teams working in his country as part of an initiative of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), an effort in support of Latin American integration.

Speaking before thousands of Nicaraguans celebrating International Workers Day, the president exclaimed, "Thank you for your solidarity Cuban brethren, thank you Fidel Castro". Ortega also sent warm greetings to the healthcare professionals working in Sandino City, on the countrys west Caribbean coast.

Since Tuesday, patients in the municipality of Sandino have benefited from surgical eye care services being provided in a modern ophthalmologic center in that city 15 kilometers northeast of Managua.

Some 40 Cuban doctors provide healthcare assistance in remote areas across the country.

Ortega also referred to the assistance provided by Venezuela in terms of energy, noting that that country will cover 100 per cent of the oil demand of his nation by supplying 10 million barrels annually, as agreed upon in a contract signed during the ALBA summit last weekend.

Source: Escambray

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