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Fidel is recovering

Giving the lie to rumors about his health and even death, Cuban President Fidel Castro appeared on a televised video Saturday, holding the day's daily paper and demonstrating he is recovering well from his surgery in July.

Now, when our enemies have prematurely declared me dead or dying, it gives me pleasure to send this small film to my countrymen and friends, the statesman said, introducing the film shown on the Roundtable broadcast.

On July 31 Fidel Castro temporarily delegated his duties as leader of the country to First Vice President Raul Castro and informed the Cuban people on the state of his health.

Since then millions of Cubans have shown their support of the Revolution in events at work and in letters to the editor of Cuban media.

The country has remained normal, although it has taken precautions against any US aggression, and continued constructing its singular social model.

Source: Prensa Latina

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