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Over a thousand professionals from the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus are currently working abroad in more than 45 countries where they have given enough proofs of their competence, professionalism and humanity.

According to a report from the Provincial Offices of the Foreign Investments and Economic Cooperation Ministry, over 80 per cent of the local cooperators are assigned in Venezuela although there are many others working in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Cuban health care support is granted in almost every field including integral general doctors, nurses and obstetricians, among other professionals.Sport and education experts are also assisting in some of these countries.

Other fields like agriculture, sugar, water resources and construction are also represented, mainly in underdeveloped countries from Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Sancti Spiritus health envoys work abroad for three years and their job is to be continued in the future by hundreds of foreign students being trained in the medical faculty.

Source: Escambray

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