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From the small Caribbean Island arrived to this Mediterranean Island, the excellent Cuban arts exhibition entitled "Cubanías", which was inaugurated at the arts gallery of the Municipal Cultural Center in this capital.

¨La Puerta de Famagusta¨ is the name of this cultural institution, that used to be one of the Venetian walls surrounding the old city, and one of the entrance access of the architectural group that covers 4,5 kilometers of circumference. Inside those centennial vaults of the Byzantine Empire, now flooded with the light and color of the Tropic, are exhibited, until May 19th, 55 works of 46 Cuban artists (paintings, drawings, pictures and engravings), that pay tribute to José Martí, on the ocasión of the 112th anniversary of his death.

This wide exhibition has been sponsored by Nicosia and the Cuban Embassy in this city, together with the Cuban arts gallery "La Acacia" attached to Genesis Company. ¨Cubanías¨ tries to offer an image opened to the idea of the cultural diversity existing at present in the Caribbean Island, disregarding age or type of artist. Its integrated by a group of academic artists, autodidactics and the arts trend called "Naif", always with the vision of including Cuba, explicitly or implicitly; as well as our nature, the Caribbean sense, and other values, with a universal nature, that goes from the figurative to the conceptual sense.

The common element that joins these art works is the concern for a virtuous elaboration of the material, the sensations of beauty and happiness, and that peculiar way of communicating feelings and thoughts by means of certain codes inherent to drawing, plastic experimentation and painting. The sample contains works by the Cuban outstanding painter, René Portocarrero; the National Plastic Arts Awards, Alfredo Sosabravo and Roberto Fabelo; and other famous artists like Mario García Portela, Liborio Noval, Zaida del Rio, Nelson Domínguez, Arturo Montoto, Hilda Vidal, Ernesto García Pena, Eduardo Roca (Choco), Manuel Mendive, Alicia Leal, Agustín Bejarano, Enrique Ávila, Ileana Mulet, Vicente Rodríguez Bonachea, Lester Campa, Esteban Machado, William Hernández, Ever Fonseca, Pepe Franco, Daucel Valdés, Carlos Guzmán, Luis Enrique Camejo, Kadir and Kelvin López, Pango, Gólgota, Pablo Rodríguez Vidal, Amalia González Besú, Julio Breff, Noel Guzmán Boffill, Alex Castro, Aziyadé Ruiz, Javier Duenas, Rodolfo Martínez, Griselle Morales, Yami Martínez, William Saroza, Antonio Miguel Remedios, Ileana Sánchez, Raciel I. Gómez, Carlos Barreiro, Enrique José Baster, and Pedro José Rojas.

After the inauguration, Vassos Lyssarides, Honorary President of EDEKs Socialist Party, founder of the Socialist Party in Cyprus and a great friend of Cuba; also painter, expressed that "the Cuban arts abandoned the frontiers of the Island and of Latin America to become a universal art with this exhibition that includes all arts academies, without losing the cubania -or the Cuban identity.

By looking at these paintings one can feel the efforts made by the Revolution within this cultural field". The opening was also attended by Ministers, politicians, the Cuban diplomatic staff credited in Cyprus, Daphne Mavroniotis-Trimikliniotis, President of the Plastics Arts Artists Association in Cyprus, and Pablo Rodríguez Vidal, Cuban Ambassador to the Mediterranean Island.

Source: Cubarte

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