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Cuba's Research Center on Longevity, Aging and Health (CITED) is developing a laboratory to assess the physiological functions of senior citizens.

A multidisciplinary team of the institution located in Havana has been working on the project for 15 years. The research consists of an evaluation of the neurological and sensorial systems as well as the auditory and visual functions of older people. For the research, the scientists take into account certain parameters including their walking speed, step length, holding strength, heart beat and blood pressure, among others.

Dr. Humberto Arencibia, CITED director told the Cuban News Agency that the tests are expected to help in the early detection of the fragilities or disabilities of the elderly, increasing the possibilities to restore the normal functions of the patients.

Likewise,CITED expert Dra. Susana Hierrezuelo stressed that the main objective of the study is to be able to make a diagnosis of the patient even before he or she gets sick.

CITED is working on the organizational and methodological grounds of the laboratory, which could later be extended to the rest of the island. The project will be presented at the International Seminar on Senior Citizens opening May 8 in Havana with the participation of 200 delegates.

In Cuba, 15.9 percent of the population is 60 years old and over and life expectancy is 77 years. For those reasons, the government gives priority to programs benefiting the elderly, including social assistance and insurance, the opening of senior citizens clubs, homes and centers, among other projects.
Source: ACN

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