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Cuba introduced a new medical device in its national health system devoted to the diagnosis of vascular peripheral diseases, reported official sources Sunday.

The Cuban-made equipment, Digital ANGIODIN PD-3000 detects ailments like arrhythmia, arterial failure, erectile sexual dysfunction and micro and macro vessel failures at an early stage.

The equipment has its own autonomy, simplicity of design and very useful mainly in the vascular haemal-dynamic laboratories which validate the country's welfare services where it was installed.

According to the National Information Agency the island exported a batch of this equipment to Venezuela and the medical industry declares itself in conditions to develop new productions.

The new equipment is produced by the Medical Biophysical Center headquartered in Santiago de Cuba (eastern region of the country).

The center is working nowadays for widening the ANGIODIN PD-3000 diagnostic possibilities to continue increasing the contribution to public health.

Source: Prensa Latina

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