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visually disabled children
The running of 15 educational centers constitute in Cuba a total guarantee for the education of all visually disabled children Tuesday, as part of social programs in favor of the population.

These school facilities, with 800 students on its roll, have far exceeded all estimates of the ones assisted before 1959, when at the triumph of the revolution there was only a school in the capital of the country with some dozens of students.

According to National Information Agency, those centers besides count with classrooms for the education of deaf-blind minors, from who 140 are incorporated to current academic school year.

Likewise, squint-eyed children are also educated, with the purpose of correcting their difficulties with specialized personal and equipment.

All these treatments and procedures are completely financed by Cuban State.

Blind children have access to culture, sports and recreation, with a view to their complete social integration.

Source: Prensa Latina

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