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Eye Hospital
Cuba s Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque is due to open in Panama on Friday an ophthalmologic center, donated by Havana, to offer free eye surgery for low-income Panamanian patients.

Located in the province of Veraguas, west of this capital, the opening ceremony will be attended by the Cuban minister and the country s President Martin Torrijos, as well as members of his government.

Over 5,000 Panamanians have received ophthalmologic surgery free of charge in Cuba, as part of the Miracle Operation that has benefited tens of thousands Latin Americans and Caribbeans.

Simultaneously is the first inter-ministerial meeting of consultations and the second joint bilateral commission, where both nations will sign several agreements, one on penal cooperation and another on covalidation of higher studies.

Panama and Cuba have also inked accords on air transportation, fighting drug trafficking, promotion and protection of investments and suppression of visas in diplomatic passports, according to the country s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Perez Roque talked Thursday night with the Cuban staff working in this country, among them athletes, businesspeople and teachers.

Source: Prensa Latina

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