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5th International Congress on Satisfactory Longevity
The Caribbean Medical Association (AMECA) and the 120 Years Club convene on Wednesday the 5th International Congress on Satisfactory Longevity: Integral Vision, to be run on May 22 through 25 in La Havana.

The importance of Physical Education to achieve a satisfactory longevity and the role of plastic and cosmetic surgery to reach that aim, are special issues to be analyzed in the meeting.

The Congress includes activities like a walk for an everlasting youth, to be attended by people from all ages, a swimming contest for older than 80 years, a meeting with centenarians, display for techniques and physical exercises, as well as painting, handicraft and cooking exhibitions.

Other issues are "Cuba, the country to live 120 years," which will be chaired by doctor Eugenio Selman, "Obesity, a 21st century pandemic" and "Cuban biotechnology with longevity."

The 120Years Club was created on September 24, 2003 by the AMECA, aimed at joining people interested in living all these years, but with a satisfactory quality of live.

Source: Prensa Latina

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