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Joaquin Sorolla
For the first time are exhibited in a hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in this city, the complete collection of the Valencian painter Joaquín Sorolla, which belongs to that Cuban cultural institution.

Moraima Clavijo, director of the Museum highlighted that this collection of paintings is considered by experts as one of the most coherent and important of those existing nowadays outside the Iberian peninsula and for that same reason it has been exhibited in important museums around the world.

Sorollas first painting arrived to Cuba in year 1920, purchased by the National Museum, it was 'Boy Eating Watermelon', initial point of the present collection, completed in 1991 with 'portrait of the Marquise of Balboa'.

The exhibition, of almost 30 pieces, puts together paintings carried out between 1885 and 1917, time in which he was consolidated as painter he his work due to the disease that later killed him.

Considered an essential artist of the Spanish artistic panorama, Sorolla treaded several genres, but his best achievements were in custom scenes, which allowed him to develop a special talent to describe the world through attractive compositions.

He is one of the most outstanding representatives of the traditional Spanish painting and at the same time a landmark in the process of creation of modern aesthetics.

This collection that will remain open to the public until next April 23rd, is a singular chance to distinguish the different stages of creation of one of the icons of the western culture.
Source: CubaSi

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