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La Casa de las Américas calls the young engravers from Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the ninth edition of La Joven Estampa Award. The aim of this award, which has a biennial character, is to make possible the knowledge and the spreading of the work of the young engravers, by propitiating a rapprochement, without any limitations of styles or techniques to the most recent production of this expression of strong popular support in the continent.

The award La Joven Estampa will be given at the Casa de las Américas during the month of May 2007, according to the following bases.

1. Engravers who have been born or those who have been naturalized in Latin American and the Caribbean and who are no more than 35 years old will be allowed to participate in La Joven Estampa Award, Casa de las Américas 2007.

2. Each artist may send no more than three pieces with the same or different techniques. Experimental proposals and three-dimensional staging will be accepted.

3. Bi-dimensional pieces should be sent without frames, they should not be printed in sizes greater than 75 x 110 cm and their edition should be correctly signed and numbered. The three-dimensional pieces should not be more than three square meters when they are armed.

4. Participants should send the following documentation together with the piece:
a) Biographical card
b) Technical card, written with a pencil on the back of the pieces with the following information:
Name of the author
Title of the piece
Size and date of the piece
Indications to assemble the piece

5. Authors should not participate with a piece which has already obtained either a national or an international award.

6. La Casa de las Américas will be responsible of the conservation and safety of the pieces once they have been received and until they are given back.

7. The pieces should be sent to: Casa de las Américas, 3ra y G, El Vedado, La Habana, Cuba; or to the same direction through the Cuban Embassies.

8. The pieces should be sent or delivered to the already mentioned places in point 7, before April 10, 2007.

9. The jury, which will have an international character, will be made up by three very famous personalities in that manifestations and it will be responsible for the handing over of the award and for the selection of the pieces for the exhibition.

10. The best piece will receive 3 000.00 USD or its equivalent in the corresponding national currency. The awarded artist will held a personal exhibition in Havana during the X edition of the La Joven Estampa Award. The awarded piece will become part of the collection Arte de Nuestra América Haydee Santamaría (Haydee Santamaría Art from Our America), which is treasured by the institution.

11. The Award may be declared vacant but it should never be shared.

12. The jury may give mentions to any piece that consider deserves it.

13. The award will be made public on May 19th, during the inauguration of the show which resulted from the event and it will be made up of the award, the mentions and other pieces selected by the jury. The exhibition will be shown at the Latin American Gallery from the Casa de las Américas and it will last three months starting from the opening day.

14. The Casa de las Américas will commercialize the pieces that are exhibited if the artist authorizes it and keeping 40% of the value established by the author.

15. The pieces which were not selected will be given back through air mail starting from November 2007. If any author wishes to use any other route for his/her work to be given back, he/she must dispatch it and pay the amount required for that.

The award and the mentions will make up a traveling exhibition, together with the pieces selected from the countries who ask for the exhibition. Those institutions that are interested in exhibiting this selection may place their solicitude to the Dirección de Artes Plásticas (Visual Arts Direction) from the Casa de las Américas.

International Workshop: Transparencias Múltiples, Havana, May 10th-19th, 2007

The Visual Arts Direction from the Casa de las Américas calls for the International Workshop Transparencias Múltiples (Multiple Transparencies) which will be given by the famous Argentinean artist Alicia Candiani. The Participants, will also have the opportunity to investigate about the different possibilities of xylography in the Japanese way and the Chine Collé, apart from making serial work, variable editions and unique impressions.

Xylography in the Japanese way gives us the luminosity of the water pigments, an unlimited range of colors and the possibility to be re-impressed almost indefinitely in delicate transparent layers placed one over the other. Apart from this, it uses non-toxic materials, it occupies a minimum of space in the workshop, it is worked with manual tools and it needs no kind of engraving press in order to be printed.

The Chinese Collé technique will allow us to import images made through other mediums (digital impressions, toner transferences, pictures and other engravings) which will be printed or re-printed at the same time together with the base matrix and on the same paper as water xylography.

Artists from every discipline will be able to participate and a special emphasis will be placed in the processes of generation of the image in multiple, rather than in the technical results achieved. These processes will be dealt with in an experimental way, leading the participants to face new technical and conceptual challenges to present their ideas.

La Casa de las Américas proposes from this perspective a reencounter with graphic tradition from the East from a totally innovative tradition. Participants will work by caving and printing images and they will use in their creations the resources offered by water impression, texture and wood, the Chine Collé and image transference.

The course will last ten days, will last 60 hours and will include as an additional attraction master lessons from the artists who will make up the jury of the La Joven Estampa Award.

The inscription fee is of 100.00 USD and it should be paid at the arrival to the Casa de las Américas. At the end of the course, the participants will obtain a certificate. Those interested should send their application to be registered before March 31st, 2007.

In order to facilitate your movement and stay in Cuba, you may go to your travel agency or contact us directly. La Casa de las Américas will offer you its academic residence, with economic prices. Due to its limited capacity, you should ask for your reservation thirty days prior to your arrival in Havana.

Source: Cubarte

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