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International Cinema School

During the second Ideas Movie Cinema Festival in Santiago de Chile, Cuba participated with several films by young graduates from the International Cinema and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños and won the first prize with the documentary by director Raquela Conde. She approached in her film the story of a town man, Fidel Valdés, during the 1962 October Crisis. Giraldo Mazola, Cubas Ambassador to Chile, received the award on behalf of the film director.

Other documentaries from the local Cinema School shown in the contest were Listen and Sea and Delirium, by Yuri Cevninck and Julia Mariano, respectively.

This second festival was dedicated to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, nation that participated with remarkable films that respond to the culture of native towns.

The event was organized in four categories: professional film directors (fiction and documentary), amateurs productions, as well as others for students and disabled people.

Films from Spain and the host country Chile also participated in this alternative meeting of the Ibero-American audiovisual, in which several cultural activities were also developed, in popular neighborhoods of Puente Alto, Pirque and the Pintana, south of the capital.

Poor cinema grows strong in scenarios of Latin America and the use of new technologies allows the talent and sensibility of creators, especially of the new promotions, to express with freedom an equally democratic speech in its aesthetics and supporting profile, as evidenced that alternative spaces break through and spread over the geography of the seventh art, from the white village of Gibara in Cuba to the shores of the Chilean Pacific.

Source: By Uriel Medina, Cubasi

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