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Cuban windsurfer rescued after four days at sea by U.S. Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard officers arrive at their base in Key West, Florida, with a Cuban man they rescued on one of the uninhabited islands of the Marquesas Keys about 20 miles west of Key West Read More

WSB: Cuba 5-0 Kazakhstan: error or masterstroke?

The score line was emphatic and the 14,000 or so home supporters in Havana were delighted. So did the Astana Arlans Kazakhstan coach Sergiy Korchynsky get it completely wrong last night? Actually we don’t think he did, and here is why Read More

First US-Cuba Museum Exchange in 5 Decades

Cuban artists, all of whom were raised on the island and have launched international careers from there, are exhibiting their works in Key West. Organizers say it is the first exchange between Cuban and U.S. museums in more than five decades Read More