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December 25th

Rent, another way to improve relations between Cuba and the United States

Robert Nederlander, Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment manager on Broadway, USA, said that collaboration is the key to premiere in Cuba of the musical Rent, managed by the National Council for the Performing Arts (NCEA). Read More

Opened first francophone Lookéa Club in Cuba

Club Lookéa Peninsula Varadero, unique francophone character in Cuba, is ready to offer its first visitors a welcome of excellence declared Sabry Choukri, Voyages Lookéa delegate. Read More

National Circus will make presentations celebrating the end of year

A special program reserves the National Circus of Cuba for this year end, with roles in Havana and Matanzas, Manzanillo and Bayamo locations. Read More

Cuban volleyball players will play in foreign leagues from 2015

Cuban volleyball players have great potential to play from January in foreign professional leagues, mainly from Japan, Indonesia and Turkey, revealed on Sunday the president of the Cuban Federation, Ariel Sainz. Read More

64% of the US population supports the new relations between Cuba and the United States

A majority of Americans support the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, and a majority supports the end of the embargo and travel restrictions to Cuba, according to the results of a survey released Tuesday by The Washington Post and ABC. Read More

Leonardo Padura makes as possible for "Return to Ithaca" to be projected in Cuba

The writer Leonardo Padura has held talks with cultural authorities of Cuba to film Return to Ithaca, of which he is a screenwriter, can be projected on the film circuit of the country. This film was excluded from the recent Film Festival in Havana. Read More

December 19th

Started in Havana International Festival Jazz Plaza 2014

With an evening of music for all the senses, opened Wednesday in Havana 30 edition of the International Festival Jazz Plaza, an appointment to enjoy the best of the genre in Cuba and the region. Read More

Cuba will present in the international market two new types of Habanos

Cuba will present to the international market two new types of Habanos, aged between five and eight years in perfect conditions allowing enjoy a high quality product. Read More

Environmental recovery of the Bay of Havana

The environmental restoration of the Bay of Havana, its tax watershed and adjacent coastal area of interaction was analyzed in previous studies today in the fourth regular session of the Cuban Parliament. Read More

Wrestling events for 2015

Cuban wrestling will have a very competitive 2015, with several tournaments among which include the Junior Pan American Championships, from May 3 to 9 in Havana. Read More