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Cuba’s Pablo Milanes Looks Forward To First Miami Gig

<p style="text-align: justify;">MIAMI (CBS4) — Cuban musician Pablo Milanes is coming to Miami in August. The singer said he chose to play in Miami because it is home to so many Cubans and Latin Americans.Yet for years, that’s precisely what’s kept the two-time Grammy winner from playing here. But times are changing. Milanes said Wednesday this is the first time he’s been invited to play in Florida.Milanes is one the most well-known Cuban artists outside the island. He helped found the Cuban musical movement known as Nuevo Trova. Read More

In Cuba, reforms bring cheers but also jeers

<p style="text-align: justify;">By Marc Frank. HAVANA (Reuters) - Plumbing supplies salesman Luis Miguel is relieved he will finally be able to sell his Havana apartment and buy another under liberalizing reforms being introduced by Cuban President Raul Castro.But he is angry over the months he spent struggling with restrictive and labyrinthine bureaucracy as he tried to trade his property under the past strictly controlled housing regime on the communist-ruled island. Read More