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Amanda is alive thanks to the development of the cuban science

Six years ago when Amanda was only two years old, doctors of the pediatric Center in Santiago de Cuba assisted her and diagnostic leukemia, thats why, she was remitting to Havana, the Cubans Capital. There, she received an intensive care, so , doctors decided to do a medullar transplanted which was donated by her brother, but it was not effective.
Her dangerous disease required Neopogen medicine, that is missing in our country for the Unite State blockade. Doctors suggested Amandas mother to substitute the Neopogen for a Cubans product. She was the first Cuban children who received this treatment.
Thats why Amanda and her mother smile an d they are happy to live in Cuba.

Today, Amanda is 8 eight years old and as a very Cuban children she goes to school everyday, she plays, smile, and she is very happy with her mate.

Source: By Ariel Ramirez Fernández, Radio Baraguá

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